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Value Proposition

Unlike any other product on the market, Biofilcom offers a smart, odor-free, affordable, in-home toilet that meets the needs of the Bottom of the Pyramid.

Billion of people still live without access to improved sanitation. We have the SOLUTION  that is making an immediate impact to give Dignity back to the developing world. Our focus is on deploying our solution to countries in west Africa in the next two years by scaling up our production.

Service Model

Through our Service Model we offer EVERY household a treatment system TODAY with minimal investment. The entire service model concept can simply be understood as a complete decentralized wastewater treatment system. The proposed service model is developed around clusters of houses. Each cluster is designed to have a minimum number of 20 households and a maximum of 100 households.

The model comprises of three key components

1. The user interface

2. The containment system

3. The treatment and reuse system

Under the model, each household will have to make a personal investment in a user interface of their choice. The interface essentially comprises a superstructure and a commode. Biofilcom will develop a variety of designs and technical specifications to guide beneficiaries in the choice and installation of the user interfaces. The process thereafter is the responsibility of Biofilcom or its accredited agent.

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