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The toilet facility that makes good sanitation sense. The Biofil Digester is a simple compact on-site organic waste treatment system that uniquely combines the benefits of the flush toilet system and those of the composting toilets and eliminates the disadvantages and drawbacks of both systems.

The Biofil Digester technology mimics the decomposition found under forests’ floors and other natural environments. Living organisms (both microorganisms and macro-organisms such as earthworms)in an enclosed environment treats all organic degradable matter through the natural process of aerobic decomposition.

Wastewater and fecal matter enter at the top of the Biofil Digester where rapid separation of solids and liquid contents of the waste occurs.

The digester is essentially a biological filter consisting of a medium of soil and pervious concrete. Bacteria, other organisms degrade solid fecal matter.When the Biofil Digester is used in the flush toilet situation, high nutrient biologically treated water is made available for effective landscaping and beautification of the environment.

The best Biofil Digester Services:

Other solids (toilet paper & all degradable anal cleaning material) are decomposed and converted into rich & safe soil.

24/7 after service support

All liquids are organically filtered out of the bottom of the digester and drained into the soil where further and final decomposition occurs.