Biofil Digester & Plumbing Works

E.F. Anno Engineering & Plumbing Services

Plumbing is one of those services that you don’t notice how important plumbing is until something goes wrong and you need an emergency plumber. You may notice your toilet is making a funny noise, not draining, draining slowly or worst still overflowing!

How about during the last downpour of rain? You may have noticed pools of water that haven’t drained away or that your gutters did not cope with the extra rain. These are all signs that something is blocked or not working properly.


We do all kind of plumbing work, including :

– Replacement of Old Plumbing

– Drain Cleaning Services

– Rerouting Plumbing Pipes

– Pipe Leak Repair and Unclogging

– Toilet Repair

– Fixture Repair, Replacement, and Installation

– Plumbing Maintenance and Inspection