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E.F. Anno Engineering & Plumbing Services is a subsidiary of Biological Filters and composters Limited (Biofilcom.net) which was established to handle domestic Sanitation Solutions. E.F. Anno Engineering and Plumbing Services was established in 2018 to provide and offer a smart, odor-free and affordable Complete Sanitation Solution to help live in a better environment. The firm again has a range of sanitation products ranging from the Biofil™ Digester to the Trickling Filter.
15 years ago, Mr. Kweku Anno, owner of Biofilcom, designed and built the first concept of a toilet system that functions independent of sewerage systems and septic tanks now called the BIOFIL™ system. This digester-based system was developed around two major components: a filtering system, which separates the solid from the liquid waste and the use of micro-organisms for the breakdown of the solid waste.
The production of concrete digesters has been improved and reviewed over the years to give *Dignity* back to the environment.


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