Does the number of users using one Biodigester system matter?

The biodigester is installed based on a specific number of users in a household or organization. The system is most likely to break down if the number of users exceeds the number it was designed for. That’s why we ask the client how many users the system will have.

Can I flush a toilet paper/ tissue paper in the WC?

Toilet papers are degradable materials. This means they can easily be broken down without harming the environment.
However, we advised against flushing nondegradable materials like pads, Diaper etc. Generally, anything that can clog the system or harm the environment.

Do I have to use chemicals to burn down the solid waste?

BIOFILCOM is the short form of Biological Filters & Composters.
This means the solid waste goes through a biological or natural breakdown.
The solid wastes are not burnt with any chemical nor is there any use of chemical whatsoever in the construction and maintenance of a biofil digester.
It is called Biofil because the entire process goes through a natural or biological process.

Does the Biodigester work in high water-logged areas?

A biodigester can be installed in any setting, including waterlogged areas. To make it work in water-logged areas, wastewater storage is constructed and a treatment system is installed. This treated water can be used to water your garden, and wash your cars – in fact it can be used for anything except drinking or cooking.

Is the Biodigester real? Does it work at all?

Like all systems, the biodigester also has its own rules and regulations that ensure its perfect working condition.
Ignoring these rules renders the system useless.
Flushing of non-degradable materials is a common problem with biodigester. Otherwise, the system works perfectly and there are hundreds of private and commercial users who can attest to this.

Who invented the Biodigester system?

It is on record that
Engineer Kwaku Akuam Anno is the sole inventor of the Biofil Digester. In Fact, Biofil is the name of his company.
It took years of research and testing before it was formally presented to the Ghana Institute of
Engineers. Since then, the system has been installed and used both within and outside Ghana.
Although there are many version of it now, the first and original product was made, designed and invented by Ing. Kwaku Anno.

What is the difference between Biodigesters and traditional septic tanks?

Biodigester is smaller in size compared to the traditional septics. It easy to install and takes minimal excavation. The Biodigester is the separation of solid waste from liquid waste unlike the traditional septics where there are no separation. It doesn’t smell.

What is the Lifespan of biodigesters?

As long as a concrete product can last.

How to maintain the Biodigester?

Avoid flushing plastics (sanitary pads,condoms).
Dont overuse (for instance a higher number of users utilizing a system which was recomended for fewer).
If that happens,dislodging of system is usually the maintenance practice for rectifying a malfunctioning digester.