What is the Biodigester (Biofil digester)?

The Biofil Toilet Digester (Biodigester) is an innovative on-site waste water treatment option that offers integrated treatment of sewage in a manner that poses minimal risk to the environment and public health, and the opportunity of sustainable economic returns on natural biological treatment of waste in the long term.
It is a technology that works by providing an enclosed environment for natural process of aerobic decomposition of feces including toilet paper and degradable materials. The digester is constructed as a living filter where oxygen inflow into the vault allows the seeds (bacteria, fungi, macro-organisms) within to degrade solids at the top layer aerobically and liquid are filter into the lower layers before being directed out of digester through a pipe into constructed drain field or collected and treated for reuse.

This process is called the RAB system;
Rapid separation of solid and liquid
Aerobic decomposition of solid
Bio-filtration of waste water.

This is the same type of environment in forest where wildlife droppings are decomposed and converted into valuable nutrient for vegetation.
The Biofil Digester (Biodigester) can be applied to replace the septic tanks for water-closet system; correct existing failed septic tanks and replaced non-flush systems/micro-flush system in places where water supply is an issue.
In a waterlog area, digging a septic tank is an issue therefore Biofil Digester (Biodigester) will be a perfect one in replacement of the conventional septic tank.

Objective of the Product

The technological objectives for the Biofil Toilet Digester System are as follows:
•Prevention of sludge build – up
•The immediate separation of liquid and solid components of the wastewater through the filters embedded in the biofil digesters prevent sludge build up.
•To eliminate odour: airflow is maximized within the digester by
The built-in air gaps within the digester

Maintaining digester depth

To prevent groundwater contamination: the digester is installed above ground; half buried in the ground or below ground for an increased depth of the unsaturated zone attenuation of contaminants is most effective.

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